RSVP for the Caltech C Graduate Fellowship Celebration

In the words of Caltech’s President, Thomas F. Rosenbaum, “There is a tight connection between our ability to recruit faculty and the quality of our graduate students. There’s a virtuous circle— attracting the best graduate students attracts the best faculty, and on and on.” In 2016, Caltech C alumni came together to establish an endowed … Continue reading RSVP for the Caltech C Graduate Fellowship Celebration

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2021 Caltech C Committee 跟大家见面啦|拜个晚年,牛年大吉

新春愉快🎉🎊🎁大年初一,Caltech C Committee 线上换届选举顺利结束。陈欣泓(2020届会长)主持并总结上一年的工作,感谢他和上一届committee member的辛苦工作!董恒(G3)同学当选新一届会长,2021届Caltech C Committee跟大家见面啦~【一些熟悉的老朋友和新朋友👬】 President 董恒 Environmental Science and Engineering | G3 秋波就是秋天地菠菜 Vice President 王梓屹 Materials Science | G2 年轻的摄影师,年迈的段子手 Chief Secretary 毛嘉静 Physics | G5  平安顺遂 Treasurer孙昱春 Materials Science| G3 Department of Internal Activities 钟顶 Applied Physics and Materials Sciences | Postdoc 用力学,用力玩 李皓玉 Geochemistry | G3 靡不有初 鲜克有终 Department of External Activities … Continue reading 2021 Caltech C Committee 跟大家见面啦|拜个晚年,牛年大吉

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